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Firelink Shrine - Walkthrough with Map

Firelink Shrine map of DARK SOULS
1Bonfire. The player will be placed here after leaving the Undead Asylum for the first time.
2Anastacia the Fire Keeper and Knight Lautrec of Carim. Upgrade your Estus Flask using the Fire Keeper Souls you run across with Anastacia. Note, she will become unavailable some time after freeing Lautrec, and you will have to use her Fire Keeper Soul to revive her after finding Lautrec in Anor Londo.Upgrade Estus Flask. Dingy Set and Black Eye Orb after Lautrec leaves.
3Lift to New Londo Ruins. Follow the path downward, taking caution not to fall off the edge.
4Petrus, Rhea, Nico and Vince of Thorolund. Talk to Petrus to join the Way of the White and to purchase Miracles. Knight Lautrec will reveal something dark about the group if he is paid while the group is at the Shrine.
5Going to the graveyard is dangerous for low leveled players. Access to the Catacombs and several treasures
6After talking with Trusty Patches in the Catacombs, he will relocate here as a merchant.
7Some Hollowed Warriors are located here. This way is considered the "Correct" way to progress.
8The underside of the bridge is accessed by jumping. To do so, get to running speed then quickly double tap the sprint button.Ring of Sacrifice
9Pathway to Undead Burg
10Move to this location while the elevator is moving.
11Obtain this key to claim the Rusted Iron BandUndead Asylum F2 West Key
12Curl up as an egg. Wait for the Giant Crow to carry you to Undead Asylum.


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