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Undead Burg - Walkthrough with Map

Undead Burg map of DARK SOULS translated by Nitren
1Path to Firelink Shrine.
2Hollowed Warriors will greet you to Undead Burg. Break the barrels and drop down to claim some treasues.
3This path will loop up and around. It'll take you back to the beginning of Undead Burg.
4Upon leaving the Fog Gate, the Hellkite Dragon will make a brief appearance. Make sure not to get crushed!
5Male Undead Merchant. He'll sell you his wares, but won't take anything off of you. If you attack him, he'll become hostile and you won't be able to use his services. Sells Residence Keys that'll open the doors in the area, as well as those in Lower Undead Burg.Uchigatana/"Yulia" drops from the Undead Merchant should you decide to kill him.
6Undead Burg Bonfire.
7Three Undead Warriors will throw Firebombs from above, so watch out.
8More practice with Hollowed Warriors.
9Hollowed Archer in the tower will attack you as you attack the trio down the stairs.
10Black Knight (Sword)Blue Tearstone Ring (Guarded by Black Knight)
11Go up the tower to face the boss. The locked door in the tower can be unlocked using Master Key, which leads to Darkroot Basin. Havel the Rock can be found guarding the door at the bottom.
12Break the barrels to expose the Crystal Lizard.
13Climb up the ladder and kill the 2 enemies on top.
14Boss: Taurus Demon
15Solaire of Astora. Talk to him to obtain the White Soapstone and begin his Story to find his Sun.
17Hellkite Dragon will descend as you cross the bridge. Make sure your current weight is less than 25%, then try to run to the stairs quickly. Otherwise, you will be deep fried.
18Kick down the ladder to create a shortcut.
19A particularly good spot to shoot the dragon's tail for the Drake Sword. 50 Wooden, 30 Standard or 15 Heavy Arrows will do the trick.Drake Sword (Shoot the Tail!)
20If you didn't defeat/Sneak past the dragon, then taking the path under the bridge will take you to the Undead Parish.


NameSoulsDrop ItemsAttacksFeatures
Hollowed ResidentSmall AmountSword Hilt
Hollowed WarriorSmall AmountHollow Warrior Set, Various starting weapons, Firebombs
Hollowed SoldierSmall AmountHollow Soldier Set, Various Basic Weapons, Titanite Shard (Rare)
Black Knight (Sword)Large AmountBlack Knight Sword (Rare), Black Knight Shield (Rare)
Taurus DemonLarge AmountArea Boss
Hellkite Dragon10,000Drake Sword (Tail)

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