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Undead Burg Lower - Walkthrough with Map

Undead Burg Layer map of DARK SOULS translated by Nitren
1Entrance to the Lower Undead Burg (Use Basement Key)
2Shortcut to Undead Burg Bonfire
3Passing this point will aggro three Attack Dogs.
4Assassins hiding inside houses.
5Unlock door using Residence Key. NPC: Griggs of Vinheim
6Hollowed Mob won't attack until you get close.
7Another pair of Attack Dogs
8Another Trio of Assassins in the houses
9Fog Gate to Boss
10Boss: Capra DemonKey to the Depths
11Assassin around the corner. Don't attempt the one sitting in the open first!
12Female Undead Merchant
13Shortcut to Firelink Shrine
14Unlock door using Key to the Depths.


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