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Northern Undead Asylum - Walkthrough with Map

Northern Undead Asylum map of DARK SOULS
1(1) is the starting point.Dungeon Cell key
2At (2), you'll be wading in water. In water, your running speed will drop to that of walking, and a dashing speed will drop to that of running.
3At (3), you'll reach the first Bonfire.
4Although the position of (4) has a gate, it cannot be opened from this side.
5When you reach the middle of the big room, Asylum Demon will appear. It is difficult to defeat the demon now. Since an escape hatch is located at position (6), let's escape through there. If you defeat the demon, you get Demon's Great Hammer.Demon's Great Hammer
6Let's escape from here, without fighting with the demon. If you defeat the deamon, you should attack by using 5 black fire bombs that you can get as a present.
7Let's go into the room of (7) of this side left, and come to hand and equip a class shield.The Class Shield
8you can come to hand and equip a class weaponThe Class Weapon
9When you climb the stairs from the position of (9) to the upper floor, a stone ball trap will fall. It will open a hole at point (10). At the bottom of the stairs, the (4) gate can be opened from this side.
10After triggering the ball trap, a hole will open at point (10), and Oscar of Astoria lies dying inside. If he is talked to, he will give the player the Estus Flask x5 and Undead Asylum F2 East key. If the player talks to him again or leaves, he will die.
11You can not open the door of (11) until the Undead Asylum F2 West Key is obtained.
12Entering the Fog Gate at point (12), the player will be met with the Asylum Demon again, albeit on a higher platform. From here, a drop strike may be executed. Although it was previously too difficult, since the player has claimed their class gear, the boss can be fought considerably easier.
13Upon defeat of the demon, the player can now open the large door at point (13) with the Big Piglim's Key.Soul of a Lost Undead
14Snuggly the Crow will exchange certain items the player drops into the nest at point (14) and then reloads the game.
15Once the player reaches point (15), the tutorial will end with a closing cutscene and the player will be taken into Lordran proper.


NameSoulsDrop ItemsAttacksFeatures
Hollowed Prisoner
Hollow Soldier
Asylum DemonBig Pilgrim's Key, Demon's Great Hammer (If defeated in first encounter

Northern Undead Asylum (Return visit from Firelink Shrine)- Walkthrough with Map

Northern Undead Asylum map of DARK SOULS
1The player will be placed at point (1) upon returning.
2It is highly advised that the Player avoid the lowered floor at point (2) unless they're ready to fight the Stray Demon.
3The bonfire at point (3) allows anything the player has unlocked for the bonfires.
4.1Standing on the lowered floor at point (2) will cause the floor to collapse and the fight with the Stray Demon will begin. Make note that the Stray Demon has the same attacks of the Asylum Demon, along with a few more.
4.2At point (4), Hollowed Oscar will attack the player. Defeating Oscar will grant the player the Crest ShieldCrest Shield
5The ball trap at point (5) will reset upon returning to the Asylum.
6If you have obtained the Undead Asylum F2 West Key at the Firelink Shrine, you will be able to open the gate at point (6).Rusted Iron Band
7At point (7), there is a Black Knight (Sword) present.
8At point (8), there is a second Black Knight (Sword), as well as the Peculiar Doll needed to access a later areaPeculiar Doll

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