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the Greatest Hollow - Walkthrough with Map

the Greatest Hollow map of DARK SOULS
Recommended Level: I did it around Level 49. Most important is curse-resistant equipment, like the Crimson Robes Set you can get in Blighttown.
1Illusionary Wall, another one shortly after
3Here you can drop from a branch down onto the wall of the inside tree/tower, then drop down onto the inside floor
4Not sure why this point is highlighted. You know how to get the Crystal Lizards if they ran away too quickly, just walk to where they spawn, Exit and Reload so they spawn right in front of you.
5Here you meet the basilisks from above. Make sure to equip curse-resistant items. Move to the edge where you can look down, but not too far to lure the first Basilisk. Kill it, then move a bit further towards the edge to lure the second Basilisk. Kill it, then drop down the edge with a plunging attack on top of the third Basilisk.
6If you approach the basilisks from here, good luck fighting all three of them at the same time.
7Ladder down. Also, when you are on your way up, on the next platform you will notice not being able to easily walk onto it. Try rolling at the left edge of the branch coming from below, rolling directly onto the branch moving upward from the platform.
8Kill the two Bailisks, don't fall into the holes, then take the Ladder down. Jumping from one branch on the other branch that has the Blue Titanite Chunk is quite hard.
9Four Basilisks, you usually aggro two at the same time. Curse-resistance is very important here. Again, a hard jump down from one branch to another to get the White Titanite Chunk. Don't jump directly, take the detour to the bigger branch, because if you try to instantly jump down to the final branch, you will be pushed to the side and fall to your death.
10You can unequip the curse-resistant items here and equip physical armor again when you continue walking down. There is a big branch leaning into the path down, partially blocking it. You can abuse it to get the big Mushrooms stuck on it after pulling them up there, then hit them from the other side with not much risk of getting hit, as long as you don't get too greedy trying to hit multiple times in a row.
11Path to Ash Lake


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