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Ash Lake - Walkthrough with Map

Ash Lake map of DARK SOULS
Recommended Level: I did it at around Level 50. The Hydra was easy, the Man Eater Shells were brutal.
1Entrance, path back to the Great Hollow
2Bonfire and (optionally, depending on their story progression) Siegmeyer and Sieglinde of Catarina
3Along this path you will not alert the Hydra to early to get caught in the open
4Standing here, you will make the Hydra approach you in a quite safe way. You will want her to get close enough so her projectiles don't hit you, but instead go over your head. Stay in the area of sand and water-on-sand, hitting her heads each time after they strike down, but make sure you don't get too close to the deep water, as e.g. an L2 swing might push you over the edge.
5Another hiding spot from the Hydra?
6Safest way is to take the outside branch, killing the Basilisk by hitting it once, then not hitting again as it will jump into the water. Trying to hit a second time might make you follow him to a wet death. Then pull the two other Basilisks from the Entrance, and lastly the Mushroom. After that retreat a bit on the branch and drop down so you can walk inside to the heightened platform.
7Bonfire. You can teleport here with the Lordvessel once you unlocked it.
8Everlasting dragon. Pray to it to join the Path of the Dragon Covenant.
9Dragon's tail. Hit it one or more times to get the Dragon Greatword.


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