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Blight Town - Walkthrough with Map

Blight Town map of DARK SOULS
I started by Lv29. Eventually, it was set to Lv33.
1(1) is the starting position in Blighttown.
2There is a Blowdart Sniper at (2). Blowdarts fly straight, like crossbow bolts. If you get hit twice, you will suffer the Toxin status, which is a deadlier form of poison. Toxin can only be removed by the miracle "Recovery", Blooming Purple Moss Clumps or resting at a Bonfire. After clearing out the three enemies in front, approach defensively and kill the Sniper. After he is killed, he will not re-appear. If you have trouble with toxin, the Spider Shield from Depths could be helpful, since it offers high poison resistance. Alternatively, if your Dexterity is high, you can try counter-sniping him with the Longbow or Pharis' Bow.
3If you dash and jump to the nearby roof from (3), you can get the Iaito. Be careful not to hit the pillar at the corner and fall down; in addition to falling damage, there is an enemy waiting below. You can roll down from the roof to reach the nearby Bonfire.
4When you reach (4), the Blowdart Sniper at (5) will begin attacking. You can try to retreat and counter-snipe him with a bow, or avoid his darts and run forward.
5Climbing the ladder at (5) will put you in range to attack the Blowdart Sniper, if you haven't killed him from range already. Take him out and he won't re-appear.
6This passage leads you behind the Parasitic Wall Hugger (stationary tentacled enemy). It can't attack you when you're behind it, so in the words of someone who left a comment in my game, "Try beating to a pulp." Don't forget to collect the Power Within pyromancy afterwards.
7Take a look down towards the inside of the curving path (your left side) as you are about to leave the tower. You can drop down (causes minor falling damage) and collect the Whip weapon instead.
8There's a Blowdart Sniper who will open fire when you reach (8). It's possible to snipe him with a longbow from the top of the ladder; this guy is a bit easier to see than the other snipers.
9There's a bonfire at (9), which makes for a good staging base when exploring the Blighttown swamp.
10If you ride the lift near (10), it is possible to open a shortcut through Valley of Drakes to New Londo Ruins and then Firelink Shrine.
11The lift going upwards is located at (11).
12If you bypass the ladder at (12), you can reach an area with no less than five Blowdart Snipers, plus a few Flaming Attack Dogs. Approach cautiously and take them down to get a Fire Keeper Soul and Soul of a Proud Knight.
13If you're planning on opening the shortcut between Valley of Drakes and New Londo Ruins, you'll need the key from (13).
14Although this appears to be a dead end, in fact, there is an illusory wall. Attack it, and a passage to a chest will open. Attack the wall behind the chest to gain access to The Great Hollow.
15Around (15) are boulder-wielding barbarians. Try luring them out into a flatter area before attacking, or just run past them.
16Quelaag's Domain.


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