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Dark Root Basin - Walkthrough with Map

Dark Root Basin map of DARK SOULS translated by Nitren
1Here you arrive from the early Darkroot Garden Area
2Lizard ahead. If you miss it, walk to its spawn location, quit and reload.
3Careful, Black Knight ahead
4Here you can, instead of going to the Basin, go down to a cave that leads to a Bonfire and Valley of the Drakes
5Try to pull the Crystal Golems in order to fight them out of range of the Hydra projectiles
6Here you can hide behind a wall in order to break Line of Sight with the projectiles
7Knight Armor Set
8Crystal Golem. Kill Hydra, then walk here, quit and reloadAfter talking to Dusk of Oolacile come back there for Antiquated Armor Set
9Ladder (part 1) leading up to Darkroot Garden Area behind the Crest locked Door. Use it if you don't feel like paying 20000 Souls for the Crest.
10Ladder (part 2)
11Tower leading to Undead Burg. Careful, you will run into Havel the Rock
12Bonfire. Good to use for exploring Darkroot Basin, as well as Valley of the Drakes


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