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Darkroot Garden - Walkthrough with Map

Darkroot Garden map of DARK SOULS translated by Nitren
Recommended Level:
1Start of area
Plant enemies have a nasty grab attack that takes a lot of health.
2Be careful of buried enemy, if you approach him from behind you can get a free hit on him
3Don't forget to pickup item from corpse near rockLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
4Attack the wall to reveal Bonfire
5Enemies are buried underground disguised as plants, if you take the item they will ambush you. After you get the item they will no longer be buried undergroundLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
6Your first Giant Stone Knight. Wait for his 3-hit combo to hit him from behind a few times. If you starts casting the PBAOE debuff, try to run away before it hits you.
7Two Giant Stone Knights, as well as four buried Demonic Foliage. Pull 1 Knight + 2 Foliage each time, first killing the Foliages, then the Knight.
8Fog Gate to Moonlight Butterfly
If you're not caster oriented, summon Witch Beatrice at the bottom of the stairs to help you greatly in the fight
Boss:Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly, Humanity x1
9Divine Ember
Watchtower Basement Key
Homeward Bone x1
10Buy the Crest of Artorias from Andre for 20,000 Souls to open this door
11Be careful, the enemies in this area are strong. Only pull one at a time. They give a lot of XP. The Knights and the Hunter don't respawn, the others do.
12Here begins a narrow path that leads a) to a ladder down to the Darkroot Basin and b) to the lower part of the later Darkroot Garden
13Here is the ladder down to the Darkroot Basin
153 Great Felines
16Forest Hunter Covenant Master: Alvina
Talk to her to join
After Joining: Cat Covenant Ring
After defeating 1 invader: Divine Blessing x1
After defeating 3 invaders: Ring of Fog
17Door to Sif
18Aproach the sword and Great Grey Wolf Sif will attack youHornet Ring
Boss:Covenant of Artorias, Soul of Sif, Humanity x1, Homeward Bone x1


NameSoulsDrop ItemsAttacksFeatures
Demonic Foliage100・Bloodred Moss Clump
・Purple Moss Clump
・Blooming Purple Moss Clump
Giant Stone Knight600・Stone Greatshield
・Stone Greatsword
Tree Lizard60・Egg Vermifuge

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