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Sen's Fortress - Walkthrough with Map

Sen's Fortress map of DARK SOULS
1Avoid the trap then lure the lizards into it
3You can ignore this lizard. He will get squashed later
4Watch out to the left
6Wait for a ball to pass then follow it down.
9The chest is a Mimic and will eat you if you try to open it. Attack it to reveal it's true form. Get off the elevator as soon as it pauses or it will crush you against spikes on the ceilingLightning spear
10Push the handle to fire the ball to the south. This will break the wall at 3
11You can run all the way through
12Watch for the sniper to the left
14Snipe the giant from here if you have a good enough bow or run through when the flames have died down. The circles are quite accurate and there are safe zones between the impacts
15Jump carefully off the edge to reach the bonfire
17Snipe the giant if you didn't at 14
20Cage is a shortcut
21Just past here is a good place to shoot the sniper
22Kill the giant hand-to-hand or pick up his loot
23Boss battle
24Iron Golem


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